March Newsletter

Business Foundation Accelerator: North Chapter

A capacity building program to youth entrepreneurs who have decided to sharpen their business skills to increase their income and create jobs to the communities.

Anza was able to conduct 6 months BFA to youth capacity building program in Arusha and Kilimanjaro to 40 selected youth entrepreneurs in 5 sectors: health, education, renewable energy, agriculture, water and sanitation (WASH).

The successful program was able to facilitate entrepreneurs to help them increase skills in business and their capacity to increase life improving products and services.

Meet Kyaro Assistive Tech one of our Accelerator businesses in Arusha, represented by Colman Ndetembea, an organization that designs and manufactures assistive devices for people with disabilities in Tanzania. Its first product is the multipurpose wheelchair, which functions as a wheelchair, a bench and a standing frame. It also increases in size to accommodate users as they grow.

In the end of the program, different mentors and reps from different organizations witnessed good work on how confidently entrepreneurs are to present their businesses at the networking event by Anza held on 25th September 2020 while the program graduates were awarded with certificates of completion.

Business Foundation Accelerator: South Chapter

Anza in partnership with Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (Costech) implemented a Business Foundation Accelerator Program for 30 young entrepreneurs in Lindi and Mtwara who are running businesses in agriculture, health, education, energy as well as Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH). The aim of the program was to provide capacity building to these entrepreneurs, connecting them to the relevant local community that would support their businesses to grow and to help these businesses become debt ready.

Entrepreneurs went through a series of workshops and mentorship sessions that all together is designed to provide skills, knowledge, information and networks for these businesses to tackle various challenges they are facing, improve their business operations and attract funding.

Meet Moshama Investment Limited from Lindi who produces edible oil that is Coconut oil and Sesame oil. Moshama Investments seeks to address the problems of insufficient supply of affordable and quality edible oils in Tanzania as well as reducing the rate of heart diseases caused by using cooking oils that are rich in cholesterol. Moshama uses residue remaining during oil processing to make local handmade soaps used for various skin problems. Moshama coconut oil can be used for both cooking and for cosmetic purposes.

Anza is privileged to work hand in hand with such young innovators in maximizing the production of life-improving products and services.