A Tanzania where all people have access to opportunities that change their lives for the better


We enable businesses in Tanzania to grow by providing them with access to personalised and strategic capacity building, affordable capital and relevant networks.

Our Core Programming

Capacity Building

Business Foundations Accelerator
A 6 month intensive and tailored journey that ensures businesses have the foundations in place giving them the best opportunity for success. Through strategic consulting and hands-on skills training, we cover all areas of business including leadership, sales & marketing, book keeping, HR and more. 

Investment Readiness Accelerator
In partnership with VilCap, the Investment Readiness Accelerator is designed for later stage, high impact businesses with potential for large scale growth.
We work with entrepreneurs on their business models, financials, pitches, sales pipelines and more. Entrepreneurs also receive one-on-one time with mentors, industry experts, investors, top local business leaders, and potential customers.

Access to Capital

Anza Growth Fund provides capital leases to our entrepreneurs, giving them the necessary funding and tools they need to expand their businesses. Our financing is more affordable and flexible than other forms of capital available to our entrepreneurs in Tanzania.

Connect a Community

Anza entrepreneurs are connected to each other and to a global network of experts & mentors, building a community to drive catalytic change.

In order to provide a physical space for entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate and create, we provide flexible office space at our Anza Hubs.

Meet the Team

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