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Diana Mbogo: Millennium Engineers Enterprises Ltd
ClimateLaunchpad Tanzania National Finalist

Meet Diana Mbogo, founder of Millennium Engineers Enterprises Ltd. Last year Diana fought her way to the top in the Tanzania ClimateLaunchpad National Final, earning herself and her business an all expense paid trip to compete in the Grand Final in the UK.

Diana Mbogo –  Millenium Engineers Enterprises Ltd

What is Millennium Engineers Enterprises Ltd?

We generate hybrid renewable energy systems that provide affordable, reliable and clean energy in Urban communities while integrating innovative financial co-sharing of these energy projects to the communities served.

What problem are you solving?

We target businesses conducting their activities in off-grid and unreliable power supply areas (urban areas). Lack of consistent access to reliable power is costing these businesses and the economy as a whole. Even with access to energy, unreliable power makes operating a business even more challenging than usual. Tanzania’s manufacturing enterprises experience power outages 56 days a year on average. As a result, firms lose six percent of sales revenues in the informal sector. Where back-up generators are limited, losses can be as high as 20 percent. These losses have severe consequences for the health and growth of these businesses. Hence our solution provides a reliable and cost efficient system to carter for their energy needs.

What motivated you to start your business?

My journey in the energy sector began in 2015 during an academic field (energy) project that failed. This project helped me realize my potential as a young engineer to help my community in solving the pressing energy problems. I do believe youth involvement should highly be considered to accelerate innovation, technology growth and entrepreneurship in the energy sector and it is the duty of all African countries, to start early initiatives to play a part in this change.

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