Tick this one off your bucket list and join us for this a once in a lifetime, adrenalin fuelled challenge. Feel the tension build up on the day as you watch your friends jump out of a plane at 15000ft. Suit up, it’s your turn! After a quick flight up to the drop zone, feel the thrill of free-falling through the air for 40 seconds at 120mph, safely strapped to your instructor. Then relax as your parachute is released, you can drift down through the clouds, and enjoy the beautiful scenery spread out below you.

Your fundraising goes further than a traditional charitable donation. By joining Anza for a Charity Challenge, you support social entrepreneurs in Tanzania to grow sustainable buinesses that solve the challenges that people face everyday in Tanzania, including access to clean water, access to healthcare and affordable housing.

With your support, we can grow these businesses to reach more people, and change thousands of lives across Tanzania. 



Destination: Various UK Destinations
Registration Fee: £30
Fundraising Target
Duration: 1 day
Difficulty: Moderate 3/5
Available Dates: Spring/Summer 2017

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