Become A Student Ambassador!

The Student Ambassador Programme

We’re looking for Student Ambassadors to inspire fellow students to fundraise for Anza, to solve the social and environmental problems that people face every day in Tanzania. Social business is a sustainable way to solve these challenges, and at Anza, we work to grow social businesses so they can impact the lives of thousands more people. With your support, we can make this happen.

As a Student Ambassador, you will recruit and lead a team to fundraise for Anza, and participate in a Charity Challenge. We’ve found Charity Challenges are a great way of getting students involved in our work. You’ll get to lead a team on a Charity Challenge of your choice – you could be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or building a classroom in Tanzania.

Half of your fundraising goes on challenge costs, and half goes towards the growth of Anza social businesses.  As a thank you, you’ll get a discount off your Charity Challenge based on the size of your team. You’ll get tons of training to get you ready for the role, and a whole range of skills to add to your CV, not to mention experience with and a reference from an international NGO. The role is designed to fit around your studies, around 6 hours per week.

The more people you recruit, the more social businesses we can grow, impacting lives of thousands more people in Tanzania.


The Role

  • Step 1

    Learn About Anza

    You’ll begin your role by learning about Anza, and why we think social business is a fantastic way for solving the challenges that people face every day in Tanzania. You’ll recieve training in other areas too, including in recruitment, event management, and volunteer management, and loads more skills you’ll be able to add to your CV. 

  • Step 2

    Choose an international challenge

    Every Anza society offers one or two Charity Challenges, and you’ll be able to choose. You could be climbing Kiimanjaro or building a primary school classroom in Tanzania. roughly half of the funds raised go on challenge costs, and half go towards scaling up high impact social businesses in Tanzania. 

  • Step 3

    Recruit a team

    Recuit a team of 12-20 participants to take part in your challenge, and as many people as you can to join your society as general members. As well as the Charity Challenge itself, the Anza society is a valuable place to get experience in event management and fundraising, and there’s even further internship opportunities available to members. You’ll have a stall during Freshers’ Week, you’ll do lecture shout outs, build relationships with other societies, use social media and hold regular info evenings to spread the word. 

  • Step 4

    Manage your team

    You will be the contact between your team and Anza. You’ll hold team socials, and info sessions on our work and the challenge. You’ll make sure your team have a strong understanding of how their fundraising is used, and the impact their fundraising will have in Tanzania. You’ll also be organising fundraising events for everyone and supporting everyone to reach their fundraising deadlines. 

  • Step 5

    Lead your team!

    You’ll have a guide on the challenge, but you’ll still be needed to keep your team motivated, whether it’s to reach the summit or to complete a building project. The challenge is your reward for all your hard work, so enjoy it all as a team! 

Anza’s Student Ambassadors are….

Motivated to make a positive global impact

Interested in learning about development and the social business model of development.

Looking for real-life experience

Seeking practical experience in the field of non-profit work, fundraising, and volunteer management.


Enthusiastic about fundraising, raising awareness of our work, and adventure. Student Ambassadors are our eyes, ears and voices in university and that means if they’re excited others around them will be too.


Recruiting and leading a team of 20 students requires you to be organised and on the ball. You’ll need to organise a stall at the Freshers’ fair, info evenings, fundraisers and regular socials for your team.


Have you got a big social circle? Would you strike up a conversation with a group of people you don’t know? You’ll have to speak with as many people as possible to get them engaged and interested in our work.


You’ll have us guiding you along the way, but the success of a SA rests in how much you put into the role. You’ll need to be motivated to inspire your team to hit their fundraising deadlines.


This role will require you to get experimental and take risks, some of the best fundraising ideas have never been done before. Are you prepared to step out of your comfort zone and lead the way for your fellow students?


Finally you need to be passionate, because when the role gets tough (and it can) you’ll need that dedication to our cause to keep you and your team going.


Benefits to you

Gain Real Skills

You will gain practical, transferable skills in leadership, volunteer management, public speaking, event management, marketing and communications, and fundraising.

CV and Reference

This is an opportunity to make your CV stand out. You’ll be able to show future employers that you’re proactive, hardworking, and have strong leadership skills. We will provide you with a reference to show your achievements. 

Charity Challenge Discount

You’ll get a discount on your own Charity Challenge fundraising total, which could be as much as 75% off!

Challenge of a lifetime

Whilst motivating your team on your challenge you’ll create memories and friendships for a lifetime. This is an amazing opportunity for you to soak up new cultures and experience. 

Future Opportunities

Once you’ve completed the Student Ambassador Programme you’ll be eligible to apply for roles within Anza, either working from the UK or joining the team in Tanzania. 


What our previous SAs have said….

  • Gail from University of Exeter - Volunteer Venture

    Gail from University of Exeter - Volunteer Venture

    Being a student ambassador has been challenging yet rewarding at the same time and I am very excited to be playing my part in building a male and female toilet block as part of a rural school in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania!
  • Hansika from University of the Arts London - Volunteer Venture

    Hansika from University of the Arts London - Volunteer Venture

    Being a Student Ambassador for Anza has helped me build on my leadership skills, it’s given me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone as I contacted various groups of people and organizations for sponsorships and donations; allowing me to speak to people I wouldn’t usually have interacted with. I’ve also learned a lot along the way about the meaning of social entrepreneurship and the importance of sustainability. It’s been a very enjoyable experience that I am glad to be continuing again next year!
  • Laura from Southampton University - Skydive

    Laura from Southampton University - Skydive

    My time as a student ambassador has been highly valuable. I have developed skills in public speaking, fundraising, and organising events, and importantly made a difference in the Tanzania communities. I would encourage anyone looking to develop key transferrable skills to consider being a student ambassador for Anza.
  • Emily from University of Exeter - Moroccan Adventure

    Emily from University of Exeter - Moroccan Adventure

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my year as an Anza student ambassador. It’s enabled me to meet some fantastic new people, and has provided me with a great opportunity for personal development in leadership, event planning, and general confidence. I couldn’t be much more excited about trekking Morocco’s Atlas mountains this summer with my team and its great to know that we’re really making a difference to Anza’s projects. Its so rewarding to be part of a charity whose work and values I really believe in.
  • Ahmed from Oxford Brookes University - Moroccan Adventure

    Ahmed from Oxford Brookes University - Moroccan Adventure

    Being an SA leads you to challenge yourself and become more proactive, contributing to personal development but ultimately helping people in need to improve their lives.
  • Laura from Kings College London - Kilimanjaro Challenge

    Laura from Kings College London - Kilimanjaro Challenge

    I definitely enjoyed making new friends on campus and getting to know more people on my course. I also learnt and enhanced a lot of skills, such as organisation, teamwork and communication, that impress employers. Furthermore, I learnt a lot about third sector careers, the work of NGOs and international development in general. It has definitely been a great year!
  • Laura from University of Exeter - Skydive

    Laura from University of Exeter - Skydive

    Being a Student Ambassador for Anza was so rewarding. My role was fun, challenging, life-changing, and taught me how to become a leader; a skill vital to any career. Jumping 10,000 feet from a plane is a moment I will never forget. I’m so glad I was able to lead a team to experience this with me.
  • Marett from St Andrews - Moroccan Adventure

    Marett from St Andrews - Moroccan Adventure

    I have been Anza’s Student Ambassador at St Andrews for the past year. I really enjoyed my experience because I felt a real sense of accomplishment at the end of the year looking back on the awareness and funds I raised. The team at Anza was very supportive and always had the answers to my questions. As the Student Ambassador, I was able to meet new people and learn about the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania!
  • Judy from Cass Business School

    Judy from Cass Business School

    My experience was fantastic as I enjoyed particularly organizing the events and forging new relationships in the process. From this I learnt how to be an effective leader, good time management as well as making the best of limited resources. I enjoyed tremendous support from my manager who advised on the best way to go about fundraising. I would definitely recommend volunteering for Anza!