From Side Hustle to Real Deal
Meet the Panel

Tuesday 26th March 2019
New Safari Hotel, Arusha
11am to 1pm
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From Side Hustle to Real Deal – Meet the Panelists
Edgar Masatu (Moderator)
Managing Director, Anza

Edgar Masatu is the Managing Director of Anza, an innovation organisation, founded on the belief that entrepreneurs will transform Tanzania. Understanding the challenges faced by many growing enterprises, Anza provides them personalised and strategic capacity building, affordable capital and relevant networks. Through this robust range of offerings, Anza meaningfully assists to grow businesses that create more jobs and provide life improving products or services to low income Tanzanians.

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From Side Hustle to Real Deal – Meet the Panelists
Ludovick Ernest
Finance Expert, East African Business Council

EABC’s raison d’être is to seek change in public policy in order to promote a business environment conducive to business formation, growth, expansion. EABC provides a regional  platform through which the business community can present their concerns at the EAC policy level. Ludovick manages funds for partnerships with EABC Partners: TradeMark East Africa(TMEA), Germany International Cooperation Agency, SPECTARIS and BDI.

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From Side Hustle to Real Deal – Meet the Panelists
Leah Assenga
Entreprenuer & Founder, Kitamu Cafe

With a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management and 8 years of experience as a Barista. in 2015 Leah took the leap and founded her own coffee shop, Kitamu Cafe. 

Leah is passionate about high quality, locally sourced, fresh coffee and making sure she’s puts the customer at the core of her business.

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From Side Hustle to Real Deal – Meet the Panelists
Timothy Wikedzi
Software Engineer, Andela
CTO & Co-founder, Nottech

Timothy Wikedzi has 8 years of experience in Software Engineering and teaching. He’s the Co-founder of Nottech, its vision is to help build the capacity of Tech entrepreneurs and Freelancers and help them transition their businesses into a global sense of operation for the services they offer both locally and globally.

Timothy has a vision for entrepreneurship to play a great role in alleviating poverty in Tanzania and advises fellow entrepreneurs to define define their mission around what they are passionate about. “A vision missioned with passion always succeeds”.

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Eugenia Mkumbo
Zonal Taxpayer Services & Education Officer, Tanzania Revenue Authority

The mission of the TRA is to To increase Domestic Revenue through Enhancement of Voluntary Tax Compliance.

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From Side Hustle to Real Deal – Meet the Panelists
Amani Mustafa Mhinda
Executive Director, HakiMadini

Unfortunately Amani is no longer able to attend due to a flight reschedule. If you have any questions you had hoped to ask Amani please let us know and we will be happy to pass them on.