Investment Readiness Accelerator
Frequently Asked Questions

Investment Readiness Acceleartor FAQ
Investment Readiness Acceleartor FAQ
  • We’d love to hear from businesses that:

    • Operate within Tanzania’s 6 most critical social sectors of:
      – Education
      – Healthcare
      – Financial inclusion
      – Clean energy
      – Agriculture
      – Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)
    • Are more than an idea—they have a finished product or service and have had some revenue traction
    • Have young operations and probably aren’t making any profit yet; they’re investing all of their cash to grow
    • Want to rapidly grow and expand to new markets across Tanzania, or internationally
    • Have a strong team of 3 of more staff to allow it to grow quickly
  • The programme involves making strategic and operations decision that impact the entire business. Therefore, its required that a senior member of your team attend (CEO, CFO, etc.), and make himself or herself available for all workshops for the duration of the program.

  • The workshops will take place on the following dates:

    – Workshop 1: April 1 – 4, 2019 – Dar es Salaam
    – Workshop 2: April 29 – 30, May 2 – 3, 2019 – Dar es Salaam
    – Workshop 3: May 27 – 30, 201 – Dar es Salaam

  • For any organisations accepted from outside of Dar, Anza will cover the travel and accommodation costs for one of your personnel. For everyone, Anza will cover all lunches, snacks, and some dinners.

  • There are no fees involved; however, to ensure that everyone takes the programme seriously, there is a refundable deposit of $500 that will be returned upon successfully attending all the classes and completing the programme.

  • *the VIRAL (Venture Investment Readiness & Awareness Levels) Framework is a proprietary tool developed by Village Capital to benchmark and set milestones related to investment readiness; curriculum programming is designed to progress businesses towards their target level of investment readiness.

  • The prize money received by each of the top two entrepreneurs, as selected by the other programme participants, will be between $10,000 and $50,000! The final amount will depend on the decision made by the programme’s Advisory Board based on the current size and capital needs of the winning business. The type of capital that will be received (for instance, a grant, traditional loan, revenue-based financing or equity) will be determined by evaluating each winner’s business and growth prospects, as well as his or her capital preferences. There are numerous industry and business-specific factors that will need to be considered to determine which type of capital is the best fit.

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