Entrance Questions

Answer the questions below will help us to develop a Scope of Work which is best suited to your skill set and the needs of Anza during your time with us.

A brief overview of the different areas of Anza in which you could be supporting:

  • Capacity – Working with a Business Development Advisor (BDA) to assist with the consulting and training entrepreneurs in areas such as Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance & Accounting, etc.
  • Capital – Working with the Loan Manager and Director of Capital Services, who evaluate and perform due diligence over potential borrowers requesting loans from the Anza Growth Fund.
  • Community – Working with the Community Team on the strategy and execution of the two Anza Hubs (Moshi Hub and Arusha Hub).
  • Monitoring & Evaluation – Working with the M&E Coordinator to develop and execute strategies to assess collect and analyze data related to the impact of programs.
  • Fundraising & Grant Writing – Working with the Senior Fundraising Manager to draft proposals for new funds or grants.
  • Partnerships & Consultancies – Working on specific programs Anza is performing in partnership with organizations such CARE, MEDA and Aga Khan Foundation.
  • Training – Develop curriculums and/or run training sessions internally or externally.
  • Internal Finance and Accounting – Working with Anza Finance Department on financial management, budgets, etc.
  • Internal Marketing and Comms – Working with Anza Marketing Team on traditional and digital marketing, promoting Anza services, managing social media
  • Internal HR – Working with the HR Manager on policies and implementation.

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    What do you want to gain from your experience at Anza? (E.g. Skills you want to develop, industries you want to learn, etc.)

    Please indicate your preferred areas of Anza in which you would like to gain experience or exposure and the percentage of time you would like to allocate to each area (percentage should add upto 100%)?
    *Note that this does not guarantee your final Scope of Work will match desired allocation due to business needs, etc.




    Monitoring & Evaluation

    Fundraising & Grant Writing

    Partnerships & Consultancies


    Internal Finance & Accounting

    Anza Marketing & Internal Communications

    Internal HR

    Please add any additional information about your interests not included above

    Do you have any experience or training that is not on your resume, but would be relevant to your experience and Scope of Work at Anza?

    Do you have any experience working/studying businesses in any of the following industries?

    HealthClean Energy (e.g. Solar)EducationAgricultureHealthWater, Sanitation & HygieneNone of the above

    Please add any additional information related to the above question:

    An Anza Business Development Advisor (BDA) will be reaching out to the clients you will likely be working with prior to your arrival with Anza so that they are aware. Please prepare a very brief overview of your background using the following template below.

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