Lucky Iron Fish

Lucky Iron Fish provides up to 75% of daily iron

Used when cooking the iron fish can help reduce anaemia, weakness, impaired cognitive ability and compromised physical development in children


The Lucky Iron Fish is a pocket-sized invention that is making a huge difference to the lives of families who are suffering from iron deficiency.

The simple product just needs to be dropped into water or broth and boiled for 10 minutes and used for cooking. This process has no effect on the taste of food but is effective enough to provide an entire family with 90% of their daily iron intake. Sustainability is not an issue either, as the $25 fish lasts for over 5 years.

The fish was created as answer to iron deficiency which affects 3.5 billion people worldwide. Families without access to sufficient medical care as well as the iron-rich foods which prevent illness can struggle with symptoms such as anaemia and impaired cognitive deficiency and, in the most severe cases, iron-deficiency can even lead to death. The initial 9 months testing of the Fish in Cambodia lead to a 50% decrease in signs of clinical deficiency.


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Written by Naomi Smith