Every mother, and every child has the right to life. Globally, 8000 women die giving birth every year. 40,000 babies die within the first month of their life. Using mobile technology, Totohealth helps to reduce maternal & child mortality and detect developmental abnormalities in early stages. This free text message service provides parents with vital maternal and child health education depending on their stage of pregnancy or the age of their child. The messages include information on reproductive health, nutrition, developmental stages and parenting. Totohealth also provides products for mothers and babies. For about £10, Totohealth can provide a clinic with a clean delivery kit for a clean and hygienic delivery. £10 can also provide a mother with a maternity box with essential supplies for a home arrival. Totohealth works with partner organisations to be able to fully cover or subsidise the cost of the service for low income families. Totohealth has already made great strides in Kenya, with over 18000 parents already signed up to the SMS service.