Capacity Building to Entrepreneurs in Kilwa

About the program

The capacity building program in Kilwa District, Lindi, has been a transformative initiative for 21 entrepreneurs. Its primary objective is to empower these entrepreneurs with essential skills, knowledge, and resources necessary for sustainable business operations and enhanced compliance with regulatory requirements. Over 95% of this business attained this initial business formalisation and compliance requirements. As a testament to its success, 17 entrepreneurs were granted the essential capital needed to grow their business. This not only facilitated improved capital readiness but also allowed these entrepreneurs to grow and expand their micro enterprises. The program's impact extends beyond individual businesses. It has resulted in the increased availability of life-improving products and services within the community, benefiting residents and enhancing their quality of life. Moreover, the participating entrepreneurs have experienced a remarkable 30% monthly revenue growth, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the program in driving business success. One of the program's standout achievements is the significant job creation within the community. This not only uplifts individual entrepreneurs but also contributes to the economic well-being of the entire Kilwa District. The capacity building program has proven to be a catalyst for positive change, both at the micro-business level and in the broader community.

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