Anza are Proud to be the ClimateLaunchpad National Lead for Tanzania.

The Green Business Idea Competition

How it works

Step 1: Boot Camp 
The top teams chosen by our National leads (in Tanzania this is Anza) take part in the ClimateLaunchpad National programme which kicks off with a multi-day digital Boot Camp. Our trainers will teach you all you need to know about jump-starting your business.
Step 2: Intensive coaching and National Finals
The Boot Camp is followed by a period of intensive coaching. You’ll perfect your pitch, value proposition and business model. After that, you’re ready to rock your National Final where you’ll pitch digitally for a National Jury.
Step 3: Regional Finals The top teams of each country go to the Regional Finals where they pitch in front of the region’s best and brightest. The crème de la crème are chosen to compete in the digital Global Grand Final.
Step 4: Global Grand Final The top teams in the world pitch against each other on the international stage. Here, there is glory to be won.


Criteria 1: Anyone with a promising clean-tech idea, being a start-up, SME, researcher, student, public organisation, consultant, engineering company, a combination of these or anyone else.

Criteria 2: You can only enter in your own country (as defined under 3c);

Criteria 3: You can not enter ClimateLaunchpad if you’ve already been accepted into Climate-KIC Accelerator or have participated in ClimateLaunchpad (or the former CleanLaunchpad) with the same business idea in a previous year;

Criteria 4: You can only enter if: you have not yet started a business or your company has been incorporated for less than a year (definition: your legal entity does not exist for more than 1 year); you have attracted less than € 200.000 in investment (definition: no funding as a venture. Funding as a student is not counted); you have not yet sold products, solutions or prototypes on commercial terms.

Train.Compete. Launch

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