Climate Launchpad Alumni

2023 Alumni

Biomass Pellets

Production of Biomass briquette using wastes from coconut (coconut shelves) and rice (rice husks)

Eco Tech Solutions

EcoTech Solutions recycles plastic waste into affordable furniture and building materials.


The usage of Plastics, used car tires, Scrap metal to manufacure furnitures

Trash to Treasure

We are dealing with plastic upcycling to learning tools for schools and other plastic products

Kikabon Waste

The company innovates green technologies for organic waste reduction

Wote Stoves

The company designs and manufactures clean cook stoves that burn waste oil

Ret Feeds

The company produces high-protein larvae from black soldier flies

Mswaki Smart

The company produces bamboo products as a sustainable alternative to plastic, supporting local farmers
Grin Makers

Grin Makers

Grin Makers Solution transforms plastic waste into sustainable building materials

Secure Environment

Promoting the adoption of electric motorcycles for urban transportation


Kifuko produces high-quality, sustainable aluminum foil paper bags for the Tanzanian food industry."


The company utilizes hydroponics and AI to enable efficient and sustainable urban farming

Organic scan

The company develops and distributes OrganicScan, a portable device for testing organic food

Kilimo Tech

Kilimo Tech produces sensor-controlled dehydrators for Tanzanian farmers

DK Environmental

Provision of Solid waste management services to tackle high accumulation of solid waste production source.

Hyancith Fertilizer

Converting water hyacinth into eco-friendly bio fertilizer to combat climate change.

Techno Charcoal

Produces biomass briquettes to reduce deforestation and promote sustainable cooking energy in marginalized areas of Tanzania.

Revival Recycling

Transforming old tires into eco-friendly furniture and art, inspiring sustainable living and reducing waste

2022 Alumni

BH Flower Point

Production of synthetic flowers


Producing renewable materials

Bishamba App

Mobile app for farmers

Chabri Energy

Bio briquettes made from waste

Faraja Water

Empower women on producing safe drinking water through ultrafication

Forestry Business

Provide land management services

Mama Land Mushroom

Production of exotic mushroom

Muchinga Corridors

Production of charcoal using rice husks

Pamaja Trust

Designing and assembling solar powered containerized cold rooms


Using plastic wastes to make eco friendly products


We create sustainable solutions to respond to food insecurities in the urban areas


Production of re usable water bottles

Rumo Energy

Using the “Recur & Refer, Own (R2O) model” to accelerate access to Clean Energy in off-grid rural area

Samaki Farm

Protein feed ingredients to fish farmers by breeding insect called black soldier fly.

Taza Biofeed

Production of biofeed for human and animals

Twiga Enegy

Rechargable battery cookers for homes and institutions


Production of battery powered products

Woodland Kwanza

Sustainable beekeeping

2021 Alumni

Seaweed Fertilizer

seaweed fertilizer
KSM Organic Fertilizer

KSM Organic Fertilizer

Production of organic fertilizer

JJ Ecowater

Transporting of safe drinking water to customers

Afri Eco Feeds

Producing livestock feeds

Moze Insects

Producing animal suplements using insects


Electric Mobility (Motorcycles)

Shake and Smile

Construction solution in building materials

Zero Waste Energy

Briquettes from agricultural wastes

Agri Life

Producing poultry feeds using blacksoldier flies

Agri Profit

Vertical gardening system

Wireless Fire Alarm

Wireless forest fire detector

Zero Energy

Storing horticulture crops by the use of a cooling chamber

2020 Alumni

Eco Freeze

Providing a pioneering portable/mobile cold storage unit powered by renewable energy for rural, smallholder farmers.

Arena Recycling

Plastic recycling_Building blocks

Biogas Nyumbani

Biogas from cow dung

Mabaki Mali Enterprises

Recycling tyres

Next Energy Tz

Biogas cooking stove

Kilimanjaro Green Bag

Biodegradable bags

Tanshah Technologies

Digital waste collection
Green Venture

Green Venture

Plastic recycling_building blocks

Libe Green Innovation

Plastic recycling_plastic pallets


Organic fish feeds

Rose Haven

Intergrated Agriculture

Tanzania Bamboo Plantation

Planting bamboo

2019 Alumni

Taka Waste

A waste management platform utilising GPS to coordinate waste collection in Tanzania.

Vehicle Electro

Converting wind created by moving vehicles to electrical energy

Trash to Treasure

Recycling egg shells to produce new products

Eco Act Tanzania

chemical free and energy conserving plastic

Ng'wa Biopestside

Producing bio-pesticide by using organic wastes

Tintobi Agribusiness

Collecting foodwaste and converting to nutrient compost


AI Machine that differentiate plastic wastes


Reducing battery waste (which is very difficult to recycle), by reusing old batteries in the production of shoe polish.

Green Foot Africa

Tackling the problem of unreliable, costly and inefficient transportation, by offering on-demand pick up, delivery using e-vehicles,

2023 Alumni

Sagar Energy

Sagar Energy

We focus on developing renewable energy productive load solutions for niche and artisanal

Eco Vending

Produce an efficient, easy-to-use eco-friendly recharging/refilling eco-vending machine that delivers different products.

Eco Worth

Dealing with collection of waste which do not decompose to manufacture building materials

Green Power Group

Dealing with carbonized charcoal briquettes from agricultural byproducts as the alternative energy

Global Technology

Solving the problem of waste management by providing toilets in places of scarcity toilets

Hyina Express

A startup that utilizes drones and solar-powered electric vans to deliver packages to its customers.
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