Investment Readiness Accelerator

Program Alumni

2023 Alumni

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Emanuel Kimaro


Helping SMES generate financial digital paper trails .

Nasra Ally

Shule Yetu

Created an intergrated school management system 

Moses Gunda

Megnacio ltd

Connecting farmers with buyers

Irene Ivambi

Mrembo Naturals

Manufacturing natural and organic hair products.

Justin kashaigili

Twende Technologies

Delivering house hold supplies using logistic services

Glory Mtui

Glo Africana

Manufacturing coconut oil for sensitive skin

Sefania Amon

Rumo Energy

Designing off grid solar solutions to power house holds 

Johana Omere

Nurture Ltd

Providing training model for children 

Avit Theophil

Yes Group

Providing organic agriculture training to farmers

2022 Alumni

Sabiha Rashid


Producing gourmet butter with organic cashew nuts

Lilian Secelela

Niajiri Platform

An online talent management system

Robert Likwawa

Med Foods

Producing high quality food products

Idda Mihindi

FHT Group

Manufacturing of reusable sanitary pads

Miriamlisa kasnaga


Developing vast network of weather stations across Africa.

Kettneema Lukindo

Luke Foods

Producing healthy foods for Tanzanians

Fredrick Kibona

Frecha Milling Group

A milling company specialised in production of flour

Sefania Amon

Germark Holdings

Production of farm machinery

Kelvin Machumu

Maswa Chalks

Manufacturing dust free chalks

Collins Ndetembea

Kyaro Assistive Tech

Making assistive devices that help asses physical and social space

Vincent Rwehumbiza

Yebi Health

Delivering accessible health care across Tanzania

David Rwegoshora

ELPP Group

Manufacturing cassava flour sourced from local farmers

Denis Mrosso

Rest Foods

Nourishing lives by producing nutritional flour

Diana Mbogo

Millenium Engineering

Providing best renewable energy in Tanzania

Anthony Machai

Dom Energy

Providing various range of renewable energy sources

2021 Alumni

John Julius

Temnar Co. LTD

Producing and distributing organic cholesterol free oil.

Emily Njau

Poa Power Tanzania

Distributing portable power-banks with capacity to power multiple electrical and electronic gadgets.

Emmanuel Kaguo

Moshama Investment

Manufacturing coconut cooking and cosmetics grade oil using locally sourced raw

John Masero

Kwanzaa ventures

Processing milk into yogurt by adding sea weed which adds more nutrients important for
healthy growth of children.

Elia Kinshaga

Kinshaga Food Products & Co.

We produce biscuits using organic raw materials mostly sourced from smallholder farmers.

Mesika Mongitta

Jamii Impact Financial Services ltd

Offering savings groups bridge funding to increase their credit offering limits thus effectively
helping them to offer more loans for to their members.


Offering solar powered pumping systems which cuts the cost of water pumping from
boreholes and other sources.


Cirlex Systems

Providing solar powered pumping systems which cuts the cost of water pumping from
water sources and lay down pipeline and other water distributional infrastructure.

John Kinyage

Aquacom LTD

Designing and constructing customized commercial aquaculture systems and offer top-notch
business development services for aquaculture projects.

Richie Rafael

Africa Harvest Enterprise

Commercially farming exotic breed pigs.

2020 Alumni

Deogratias Mzurikwao


Developed an AI based platform that can analyze mammal gland images (ultra sound
images) and help oncologists quickly establish whether or not the subject has cancer.

Grace Ipini


Designing and making hard paper/cotton/skin packages that can be customized to the exact need of
our clients and sell to them in bulk orders at affordable prices.

Ephraim Swila


Designing cloud based software systems that helps to reconcile the needs of all school
stakeholders and making it easy for managements to make timely decisions and thus deploy
resources effectively.

Rachel Basu

Sepon LTD

Designing and assembling solar energy run systems that we install in households as well as organization.

Ignatus Lema

Rogathe Dairy Farm

Collecting milk from small scale farmers, process and pack it with added nutrient value.

Salim Msangi

Rise and Shine Academy

Renting buildings instead of building them thus use already available infrastructure to look after
kids and teach them reading skills and numeracy.

Mwangini Maganga

Ndanda Splash

Identifying places with availability of water and then drill deep wells (where there’re no springs) and
install purification plants where water is purified.

Kelvin Mwampauli


Studying, designing, assembling, testing and then distributing fully functional science kits to schools,
households and other organizations which seek to advance STEM related programs and eventually
professions in Tanzania.

Rachel Nungu

Balanced Voice

Producing lettuce and sweet basil in controlled environment in farms located at multiple locations in
Dar es Salaam.

Jesse Oljange

Avomeru Group

Creating and is running small scale processing factories in villages where
avocados are collected and processed into oil.

John Mugo


Leasing our digital information management system to health facilities on annual basis.

2019 Alumni

Eliot Avilla

Imara Technologies

Manufacturing productive use agricultural equipment
that improves the livelihoods of smallholders.

Ngoni Mombeshora


Securing data from source to use

Joseph Kadendula

Central Park Bees

world-class and ethically
sourced honey from
smallholder farmers and
traditional beekeepers in

rural areas

Andreas Ostrovisk

Sagar Energy Solutions

Distributing solar lamps to fishermen

Tahira Nizari

Kazi Yetu

Blending and packaging organic tea and spices

Given Edward

Mtabe Innovations

Providing simplified educational models to students

George Akilimali

SmartCore Enterprises

Offering interactive, local relevant and
curated Videos, Animations, Visual Illustrated
digital learning content.

Geophrey Tenganamba

Fursa 101

A shared value agro distribution platform for smallholder farmers and businesses

Iddy Hamis

Green Power Group

Reducing deforestation and emissions while
providing clean and affordable source of
cooking energy in African countries.

Adam Duma

Smart Class

A website platform where the learners/students and tutors/experts are connected both
online and offline.

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